Maps, Directions, Live Traffic & More From Your New Tab

Travel like a pro with easy access to popular map quick links & custom web search from your New Tab. Install the My Maps Now extension today.

How to Install
Quickly find directions, traffic updates & more from your New Tab
Enjoy the following features from quick links on your New Tab
Accurate driving directions
Whether you’re driving somewhere familiar or navigating new roads, check the trusted map sites and get to your destination with minimum hassle. Enjoy free access to Google Maps™ Bing™ Maps and MapQuest sites from your New Tab.
Alternate route suggestions
My Maps Now is not just for navigating a new city or road trips. You can also find the quickest route options to your destination and avoid traffic. Add this free extension today.
Route Preview
Planning a road trip? Easily explore a new place with quick access to satellite maps and Street View™. Find hotels, restaurants, gas stations, tourist attractions and emergency services en route.
Real-time Traffic Info
When the weather gets bad, road conditions can change rapidly. Get live reports on roadblocks, road closures and more. Avoid congested routes and find the shortest navigation option to your destination.
Save Places & Share Online
Avoid wasting time on your daily route. Save your favorite places to check traffic conditions and estimated travel time instantly. You can also share navigation options with friends and family online.
Find accurate driving directions, stay up-to-date with traffic conditions on regular routes, locate your destination precisely – Do all this and more with My Maps Now.
Get the extension today.